Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Things went really good this week. First of all, general conference. It was awesome. All the gringos in the stake crowded into the Bishops office in Salina Cruz to watch the transmission in English. haha it was great to be able to watch it in English, and we spent a TON of money to go to Wal-Mart and by real American food and have a feast. Between the sessions Mario took us out with the youth in our rama to go eat tlyadus and chicken. It was way fun to get to spend two days there just hanging out with all the stake and all the missionaries. The cool part was we had a ton of our rama make it to conference and one investigator, Jesus. I think our rama had more people there than the other 5 wards in our stake, so that was pretty cool and quite the accomplishment. I’m glad Jesus got to hear that talk on “Why we should be Mormon” (I forgot who it was by, I’m bad with names) and also President Monsons talk was great. I really liked the talk by the BYU football player(football players make the best speakers). The best part though was when they announced the 80,333 missionaries. That’s just insane. But ya conference was awesome. Also this week we made about 4 kilos of cookies. All the j√≥venes say thanks. We ate a ton and were all really sick the next day but it was way fun (sorry I can’t send pics, I’m in Morro). Another highlight of the week is I ate iguana. Not just like meat from an iguana, like literally it just looked like a stuffed iguana. It was really good though. It was good practice for my comp too, cause he’s kind of a picky eater, but ya I’ll send pics next time.
Also our Young women’s president killed a borego(I can’t remember the word in English) for me to eat this week and that was actually really good. The Works starting to pick up a little here and the ramas starting to have a lot more unity. It’s slow and sometimes frustrating, but it always works out in the end. Have a good week,

Love you Guys!

 P.S. ALL the mail came this week. Thank you Kings for your package and  letters! I was sitting with all our Young men when I opened it. You should have seen their faces when I pulled out the glow sticks. haha I didn’t know there was so many things you could do with them. and raena, yes, I did get your Dear Elder, thanks.
Uncle bill-Enos1:16,Moroni  7(especially v.1).
Carson-  ya sounds like you guys played alright and just fell a little
short with injuries. If you had a chance to win with all those key
players out then I wouldn’t be too worried. Stay healthy(make sure
everyone’s doing their TGUs and single led RDLs haha). Just keep
working hard and making your guys better
Ryan-geez 15, that’s crazy! sounds like you had a fun birthday haha.
What did you get! how’s school going?
Kyle- dude, what happened this week? haha get better and sustain your blocks
Abby- yes there are snakes here but I don’t think they are too
dangerous, the problema we have is scorpions, they’re everywhere  and all types.(the small white ones and the big black ones)
Dad- One thing I noticed at conference was how many non-English
speakers spoke. And I also didn’t know that the speakers that speak
other languages record their talks in their other languages before
hand so the people can here there voice instead of a translator. Cause I was thinking how much the meaning changes sometimes because of the voice(for example Elder Holland) but ya I think that was cool how there were a lot of speakers that spoke in Spanish and how the people here were able to hear the leaders in their own language.
Mom- sounds like things are going fun with the triplets ahaha. i got
the business cards finally this week it had a stamp that said
missent to massou wherever that is. The cookies went great(we baked them in a huge like furnace oven thing) and everyone says thanks! The only thing I could use is an umbrella. A small one that’s sturdy. My other one got pretty mangled in the hurricanes.

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