Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Wow this was a crazy week! Haha I definitely gained a testimony of

fasting this week. It really looked like I was gonna be leaving this

week cause president Leyva called Mario and asked him if he thought I

was ready to be district leader. So it looked like I was gonna leave.

Yesterday us the Youth and Mario fasted so I could get one more change

here in Morro. And guess what? I’m gonna be here six more weeks in

Morro! The Lord answers prayers! (it also helps when president owes

Mario a favor… haha). But the crazy thing is my hijo elder Cruz is

leaving, so I’ll be getting my third comp in 3 changes here later

today. haha the funny thing is I’d never thought I’d see the day when I

actually wanted to stay in Morro (I’m not gonna lie it’s been a rough 3

months). But I don’t know, I love it here and wouldn’t mind staying

here for the rest of my mission haha. It also helps that this week we

just blew the doors off of the missionary work this week. I can’t write

everything but one cool experience that happened this week was with our

investigator German. He’s 18 years old, his brother is a recent

convert, and here is the best part, he LIKES to read(it’s hard enough

just trying to find someone who KNOWS how to read here.) but ya he’s really

smart and has read ton of religious stuff and knows everything about

every church except ours for some reason. So ya we’ve been teaching

him and stuff and he’s been progressing a ton and is coming to church

and also takes us to visit his friend and girlfriend. So ya he’s pretty

much a stud. But this week we set a baptism date with him and that got

him really excited. The next day at like 11 at night I’m getting ready

to go to bed and he shows up at our house. I just tell him like hey,

you know you can’t be at our house, it’s against the rules(the youth

always try to come hang out over here). He just says Elder sawyer

shut up haha I need you to baptize me sooner so I can start to fill

out my papers to go on the mission. Haha I was just like what?!? It

turns out he went to a super Saturday activity and heard a return

missionary bear his testimony, and not only wanted to get baptized

sooner but also serve a mission! So ya that was pretty cool Also this

week we set a date with Gema who has been an investigator for about a

year. But ya she’s super smart and studying for her equivalent of the

masters degree here and is only 23. But she’s always felt like she’s

lacked enough faith to get baptized(I swear she knows the scriptures

better than me). But this week we had a lesson about faith. Mario gave

me like a little mustard seed pendant thing for here and we had an

awesome lesson. At the end we challenged her to “Plant her faith” and

to put a baptismal date and that we would work between now and then to

help grow and prepare her faith for the baptism. So ya that was

awesome too. Jesus is awesome everything’s going perfect, he’s ready for baptize he’s

just gotta come 2 more times to church.

And to top it all off we had a bunch of investigators in

church yesterday!(including Jesus) so ya this change, Morros done

about 180 degree change and I’m so excited I’ll get to see a little bit

of the fruits that are gonna come from what we did this last change.

Ya sometimes it gets rough here( these last two weeks the water has

been shut off in Morro for a strike or something so we’ve been getting

rationed water of about one gallon of drinking water a day and one

gallon water to bathe and wash dishes) but I really do love it here.

This week I’m gonn teach the youth for mutual about Halloween. We are

gonna carve pumpkins and make donuts and bob for apples(or a fruit

that’s cheaper haha) I got a lot of big plans for these next six weeks

here in Morro! Hope you all have a great week! Love ya guys!

Today my new comp just got here, his name is elder Molina and he’s from

Hidalgo. Haha he’s way excited to be in the mission so ya it’s good to

have that little extra green energy. And he talks a ton so that’s good

and I’m way excited to work with him here.

And if you send me anything send ties! tis! send ties DONT SEND FOOD Please!! I get so much here its ridiculous(and better) and it doesn’t travel well just trust me please.

It’s like going to Serrano’s 6 times a day without a choice to eat 3rds.

ya gotta go love u

Elder Sawyer

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