Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

We had an awesome week this week. The highlight was Sunday when we had
4 investigators come to church. This is way exciting because it doesn’t happen a ton here in Morro, let alone Oaxaca. I checked some of the records and Morro hasn’t had more than two in the chapel for more than 9 months, so that was a nice Little accomplishment.  One of those investigators was Jesus (no I didn’t get to watch the goats) but he woke up extra early to take them to the pasture and get to church on time. He’s really progressing rapidly and probably would be ready for a baptism this week if the 5 Sunday rule thing wouldn’t have changed.
Another thing this week is we found a kid who has his papers in with the stake to go on the misiĆ³n, but some stuff happened with the branch president and just ya, it didn’t happen. So ya I chewed Mario out good for not telling me about him sooner haha. You guys are telling me a lot about what’s going on (or not going on) with the U.S. government, but be thankful for the government we do have. This week was elections, and here in Mexico you can pay people to vote for you. So the guy that won promised to give 150 pesos to everyone that voted for him. So of course every drunk in the pueblo of Morro voted for him and last night they got paid. So ya everyone was walking around last night with 150 pesos worth of beer in them, so that was definitely interesting.(and drunks really like gringos and folletos)"dame una folleto Gringo!" haha they’re funny.  The learn English anguage program is a really big program (and commandment) that our   missionaries who don’t speak English, learn to speak it. It’s a worldwide thing not just here. The weather here doesn’t change it’s about always at 100 degrees now( the istmo doesn’t have seasons) But yep things are slowly getting a Little better here in Morro, there are cambios next week, but I really hope I get another  hange here!

Love ya Guys !!

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