Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013- Morro de Mazatan/Salina Cruz

Well ,week one in the rebuilding process of Morro went alright. We are pretty much just cleaning house with all the antiguo investigadors right now and trying to be a new base to try to start new. I'm trying to get permission right now to be able to travel outside our area to another area called Caracel to work too. I guess ten years ago they had a branch there but something happened with the missionaries and everything just collapsed. We also have some references from there and I think it will open up a big opportunity for growth. haha this will definitely show if president trusts my Spanish or not- if we get the permission. We struggled this week getting investigators to church (like always). it is literally easier to put a baptismal date with them than to get them to come to sacrament meeting. So this week I think we're gonna focus a lot on conference and the importance of prophets to try to get everyone (members too) pumped up for conference, cause there really gonna have to have a desire because it's only showed in the stake center in Salina Cruz. but speaking of conference, I'm way excited! and ya dad, we will watch it in English (all the gringos at our district meeting just made food plans for between conferences). but ya it's gonna be awesome and we will probably end up spending the night in the church because it's too far to travel back to Morro that late at night. One thing we are doing this week to get the jovenes excited is we are gonna bake cookies for mutual to eat all during the conference(thanks for the recipes mom) They are way excited to make "American" cookies, especially the gingerbread. So ya there is a busy and fun Week ahead of us that is for sure! Oh ya, and I complete 6 months in the mission Friday!...not that anyone's counting haha

My health is good- fat and fine :) the sweet bread in Morro is ridiculously good!
Dad, you're totally right about the whole ups and downs, ill go through a whole day of just bad luck and ill just be thinking what the heck am i doing in Morro, and then we'll finish off the night with an awesome lesson and its always worth it.
This week I gave about 10 blessings(more than the rest of my mission combined) for some reason, but I've gained a testimony in them and the importance of them.
love you guys talk to you next Monday, have a good conference and beat Saguaro!
Elder Sawyer

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