Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Hey guys! Sounds like it was another good week in QC. I’m emailing today in Morro cause we don’t have time(or Money) to travel into Salina Cruz. Mom, I’m sorry to tell you but there are literally no seatbelts in Mexico, they cut them all out so you can squeeze an extra person or two in haha. But ya about a million things happened to us this week
without even counting teaching or spiritual experiences. I won’t waste time on those but if you want to know, all you pretty much have to do is read the book of Job and watch the movie The Other Side of Heaven. (yes. this week I got asked to marry someone’s daughter haha) So first things first, this week we set two baptismal dates with two sisters,
Maria Elena and Jassmin(15,12). That was super exciting cause it’s been a while since Morro’s had some progression, so hopefully we can keep building on this. The tricky part with them is gonna be getting them to the chapel (like always) and getting permission from their mom (who is a big-time catholic). But ya i know everything’s gonna work out good
with them:) Speaking of getting people to church, the first presidency is changing the requirements for how many times people need to go to the church before they can be baptized. It used to be the decision of the misión president( usually 2 or 3) but now their changing it to 5 times for the whole world. I don’t know if this has started in the U.S.
yet, but its definitely a monster change. It means there is gonna be a lot less baptisms, but its good because there will be a lot more converts. This rule is pretty much directed at us, all the central and South American countries that have ridiculous baptism numbers, but a terrible retention rate. It will also stop the problem of people just getting baptized for the missionaries and not for the church (because most missionaries won’t stay in the same area long enough to
find, teach and baptize the same person). So ya it kinda stinks now but in the long run it will be better for everyone. This week we also had interviews. Haha- presidents really good at making you feel like your the worst person ever and then turning right around and making you feel like you are the best missionary haha. Oh and he said good luck in football you guys haha. But the one thing that stuck with me is he gave me a question to think about. Why he has put me in the áreas he has and why he’s given me the companions I’ve had. So ya I thought a lot about that this week(especially when some not so fun things happened here) and I think it’s always good to remember why we’re here and what we are supposed to do and learn. Umm and I also have two Book of Mormon braintwisters for you guys this week. I want to see who gets
these cause it took an Apostle to find these answers for a mission president who didn’t know for our misión leader. Ya kinda a long story but...

1. How did Alma the older get the Priesthood?
2. Why could the Nephites drink wine in alma 55 30-33?


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