Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

 Buenos Dias ! Well this week went a lot better than I was expecting it.  So early this week, I stayed in Salina Cruz while me and a couple of  other elders waited for the new Elderes to get here. It was way fun to  be in the city and be able to spend some time with these other guys.  The only thing that wasn’t too fun was trying to sleep six Elderes in  two beds and a hammock haha. So ya Wednesday all our kids got here!  and guess what? He’s Mexican and speaks Spanish!!!! haha His name is  Elder Cruz and he’s from Guadalajara. He literally looks like he’s  twelve haha but he’s a really cool guy. It’s funny cause he is about the  complete opposite in every way from my other companion. So ya I was  definitely a little worried how this was gonna work out since we are  still both new(he in the misión, and me in my Spanish) but we had a solid  week and were able to set 2 baptismal dates(which is two more than  Morro has seen in quite a while) But ya so with our Mission Leader  this week we pretty much decided to do what the Phoenix Suns should’ve done a  long time ago and just blow everything up and go into rebuilding mode.  So we’re focusing a lot on finding new people to teach (that are  actually gonna progress) and finding some old investigators that  slipped through the cracks. We’re also just trying to  gain the confidence back of the people here.  But ya we  are working way hard and learning a ton, especially on the first twelve  weeks program that we study. It’s probably a good thing I have this  opportunity to train and teach this program, so that I have the  opportunity to learn it too. I’m almost certain I’m learning more than my  comp is haha. But everything’s going great and I can definitely see my  Spanish improving(or I’m just getting better at faking understanding  haha) I’ll try to send some pics next week, we didn’t get permission to > write in Salina so maybe next week. Hope you guys all have a great > week! love ya!

making piñatas for Mexican Independence Day

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