Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013- Morro de Mazatan- pictures

our house in Morro Mazatlan
we put our trash in here and burn it once in a while


my bed and ya I don't fit in almost all the doorways here in Mexico

stuff and where I keep my stuff

bedroom- sometimes we have electricity and no pictures on the walls cause when it rains we have to move everything away from the wall cause it soaks through and everything gets moldy.

scorpion I killed in our room the other day

laundry machine, sink, and dishwasher

The caja de temor. (box of terror) This is where we shower, it's about 51/2 feet tall, so I don't fit well. It's about 30 yards from our house. It's something they could have in fear factor. There are mice, rats, cockroaches, toads and about everything else you could think of. But the worst thing are the bat-moths. Their wingspan is about 10 inches and their bodies are as big as two of your fingers, put together and they are the scariest things in the world.

the pink bucket is used to flush the toilet.
our shower. the black buckets to shower with. we shower in there in pitch black at nights and in the morning

desks and stuff

living room , kitchen and office.
road to our house
an investigators home

chapel(casa de oracion)
Mario(Jake) our mission leader/everything

another investigators home

and I pretty much look like a candy cane


  1. Wow... No words, Jodi, no words. :-)

  2. I served in this exact area and it must have been just a little before you got there since I left in 2013 and it was one of my last.