Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

this is how i cook my eggs(and heat water)- notice that it's an iron turned upside down!

haha, well this week it happened. I’m getting moved up to senor companion starting today. My DL kinda hinted a couple weeks ago that I should be preparing to be able to move up, but I never really thought that president would do it, seeing as how little time I have here and gringos aren’t usually senor comps until they hit a year with the language. So ya that definitely surprised me. But that’s not the part that scares me. I was also told last night that I will be training a brand new missionary. THAT came out of left field. I still don’t believe it and I still don’t know how that’s really gonna work out.... So ya I’m gonna be working here in Salina Cruz with Elder Flores for a couple of days until my kid arrives. haha bueno.... but ya it was another good week, nothing super out of the ordinary(for Morro anyways). We found a couple new people to teach and that looks like there may be some potential and we also had a stake high council member at our Rama which is good cuz we might start getting a little help from the Stake after he saw a little about how we function out here. But ya I’m sure I’ll have more to right next week haha, all I can think about right now is being the go to Spanish speaker of the companionship. It’s gonna be good though, I’m way excited and all it really means is I gotta be as obedient as possible to have the spirit, cause its definitely gonna be the key to the Spanish problem(and pretty much all problems). haha

love ya guys!
Elder Sawyer
gotta go.  gotta be in house early cause it’s starting to get crazy here for Independence day! Too much beer!
haha have a good week and pray for a Mexican comp for me!!
Shoot, I forgot to cover our water before I left Morro!

bat moths, see last weeks post

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