Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

haha well a ton of stuff happened this week. On Tuesday I spent the day in Juchitan at a zone conference and so that’s always fun to see a bunch of others guys. President Leyva came and talked to us. He is seriously just the Mexican version of Coach Germaine. oh and I got to direct the zone meeting so that was interesting... haha but we have 195 missionaries in the mission and we just heard were gonna expand it to 270 with gringas coming  (white girls) so ya the work is definitely exploding here. On Wednesday I had a conference for new elders and that was good. President told me that I need to get my Spanish down so I can be senor companion and "dirigir una area" which would mean district leader. So ya that definitely got me a little scared haha. Thursday we spent a lot of the day putting in a new door cause our house got robbed while we were out. They only took money so nothing really important which was kind of strange. Friday I went on exchanges in Salina Cruz and holy cow it’s such a different mission in the big city haha. And Saturday was the cool spiritual experience. our mission leader Mario was talking to me about his girlfriend and he didn’t know if he should marry her or not and we talked for a while and then the next day at church he came to me crying and said he was so thankful for what I said (I don’t remember what I said) and he invited us to his wedding haha so that was really cool and then Sunday i gave a good talk on missionary work and taught a part of Sunday school. So ya busy week with not a ton of progress in Morro but it set is up to have a good week this week! I’ll send pictures next week of our house and stuff haha its pretty crazy but ya have a good week! Say your prayers!

Love you, Elder Sawyer

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  1. Hey man, you may never see this but I also got robbed when I was serving in that area (a little before you got there) and they had just replaced the door before I got there because the guy before me got robbed too. Same deal, they only took money and they found it in an inner pouch of my suitcase. It seems like whoever is doing this keeps a spare key to the door when its replaced because there were never any signs of a break in. They just walked in and went straight through our suitcases to find cash and checks that they actually tried to cash in Salina Cruz (my bank sent me an email about the fraudulent checks). Not sure why I am putting this here haha.