Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

So yes I’m now in Morro Mazatan. It is about 30 minutes taxi ride outside of Salina Cruz which is a big city (it has a Wal-Mart). The Wal-Mart though is too far away to go to. haha no, Carson, this place is definitely not a little more built up. Just a fun fact about our house- for the mission there are standard of living requirements that all houses have to pass. haha ours is the only one that has been given special permission and doesn’t have to meet the standards. All that
means is we pretty much live in a 2 room hut. I’ll tell you guys what we do for a bathroom and a shower when I get home. But ya so it’s a really poor pueblo and the people here are super humble. We get a lot of seafood because we’re right on the beach. Abby this week I ate a fish eyeball, not the best meal I’ve ever had, but the fish here is awesome. The areas pretty big, everything’s really spread out, so we do quite a bit of walking. It’s a good workout cause it’s all sand, it's literally like walking on the beach all day. Morro is a rama of about
20 people and we meet in a building that is pretty much a big shed.
mom pictures are gonna be a little rough cause the computers here don’t really move to fast. If you guys could all send your stuff in the same email I think that would speed things up. But ya so we had a baptism this week with a girl named Naimen whose SUPER pregnant, but ya she got
married on Tuesday this week so she could get baptized. It’s a pretty cool story, but the girl married a menos active member and reactivated him and now they’re gonna prepare for the temple and there both 18. The president of the rama was baptized in Arizona when he lived there 10 years ago so that’s pretty cool also. There’s a lot of potential for this area I think and it’s gonna be a tough couple of months but it’ll be good. Well I gotta get going. Love ya Guys!

I kinda got the pictures you sent. we’re gonna try to get permission to email on Tuesdays after district meeting in Salina Cruz

 sorry there’s no paper mail here. It’ll be better next week. It was my first week here so I’m still leaning a ton here.  gotta go love ya guys

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