Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Hey guys! Another week down in Morro! We had a really solid week and had a lot of good lessons, the works a lot slower here because it’s just a small branch, but there’s definitely a lot of potential here and room for growth. I don’t know if there’s a hurricane going on right now, but it’s been raining heavy for about 36 hours straight, so we’ve pretty much been in lock down. We are also pretty much trapped in Morro cause all the roads are flooded so I’m not exactly sure how were gonna be able to go to meetings this week or get food for that matter, shoot, I just remembered that haha. But ya the rain definitely does not help the work, or hygiene. All the rain water here is then contaminated and mixes with all our water reservoir things that we use for showering and washing dishes and is pretty much worthless till we can drain the reservoir things and get some new w├íter. haha I am definitely realizing how grateful for washing machines and sinks and this week. But ya that’s what’s up in Morro right now. Teaching wise we are doing pretty good. If there’s one thing me and Elder Pack do right it’s teach the plan of salvation. We taught it like 10 times this week and it’s just Boom! This week we also had stake conference here and it’s a big deal cause our stake covers about the same size of the East Valley and there’s people from all over that come. So ya Sunday we loaded the whole rama of Morro up in a truck and headed into Salina Cruz. (ya we fit 17 people in a Toyota Tacoma, I didn’t take a picture of it so your just gonna have to have faith)haha) but ya we got there and it started to pour rain and halfway through the power went out. So we sat there in the dark (and heat) and listened to President Leyva pretty much slap everyone in the face with the spirit and tell everyone they just need to be better haha it was pretty cool. And after he was able to talk to one of our investigators named Brenda for a minute which is pretty much the best thing that you can have happen for your investigators. So ya it was a good Sunday. But ya more about Brenda. She is the mom of two members Marta(15) and Mia(13) who are the two funniest girls I’ve ever met and her son who is 7. Well Monday night we had a family home evening with them and taught the plan of salvation. It was an awesome lesson, because before the lesson we asked her daughters to ask her to be baptized. we were just expecting them to ask her really simply at the end but they ended up giving like a 10 minute testimony on how they wanted to be a family forever and how they wanted their mom to be able to live with them forever. She said she would get baptized but she didn’t want to set a specific date. Well during the lesson the 7 year old also decided he wanted to be baptized and asked when he could and turns out he turns 8 in a month! So we got his mom to commit to being baptized with her son when he turns 8! Which would be awesome! Well there it is, just a little of what’s going on down here in Morro. Hope you guys have a good week, if you want to read something interesting, Proverbs is great book haha it’s kinda funny how random the stuff in there is haha! Love ya guys
Carson- good to hear you got the W.  Just make sure you guys get ready for this week, cause you won’t be able to win with that same type of game.  Just keep working hard and get your guys ready to go. Thanks for the update, I literally could not sleep Friday night cause I was wondering if you guys won haha.
Abby- I ate a full crab this week. You pick out the eyes and then crack the Shell with your teeth. It was alright. The pancakes were for the Ward activity
mom and dad it sounds like you guys are doing good! Thanks for the letters i just received 67 dear elders (I think the assistants hate me cause they got to sort them all haha) yes I’ll be good with hygiene, no I don’t need food I’m doing great. I’ll have to wait till I email in the city to send pics I think well go next Tuesday.  Dad, Oaxaca will probably be one of the last missions to get iPads, haha. We’re just happy when we can get toilet paper.
love you guys
Elder Sawyer

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

haha well a ton of stuff happened this week. On Tuesday I spent the day in Juchitan at a zone conference and so that’s always fun to see a bunch of others guys. President Leyva came and talked to us. He is seriously just the Mexican version of Coach Germaine. oh and I got to direct the zone meeting so that was interesting... haha but we have 195 missionaries in the mission and we just heard were gonna expand it to 270 with gringas coming  (white girls) so ya the work is definitely exploding here. On Wednesday I had a conference for new elders and that was good. President told me that I need to get my Spanish down so I can be senor companion and "dirigir una area" which would mean district leader. So ya that definitely got me a little scared haha. Thursday we spent a lot of the day putting in a new door cause our house got robbed while we were out. They only took money so nothing really important which was kind of strange. Friday I went on exchanges in Salina Cruz and holy cow it’s such a different mission in the big city haha. And Saturday was the cool spiritual experience. our mission leader Mario was talking to me about his girlfriend and he didn’t know if he should marry her or not and we talked for a while and then the next day at church he came to me crying and said he was so thankful for what I said (I don’t remember what I said) and he invited us to his wedding haha so that was really cool and then Sunday i gave a good talk on missionary work and taught a part of Sunday school. So ya busy week with not a ton of progress in Morro but it set is up to have a good week this week! I’ll send pictures next week of our house and stuff haha its pretty crazy but ya have a good week! Say your prayers!

Love you, Elder Sawyer

August 20, 2013- Pictures from Matias Romero and Morro de Mazatan

had an activity in matias a cuople weeks ago . we made about 500 pancakes on 3 burner in about 6 hours

Elder Pack- my companion in Morro Mazatlan

Elder Davis- my companion in Matias Romero

Naymens baptism- August 10, 2013

first district meeting in Salina Cruz, Elder Flores is our district leader (DL). he's 27 and freaking crazy fun!

I wore a rubber band for a day 'cuz my watch broke and it was bugging me not having anything on my wrist.

last meeting, last day in Matias Romero

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

So yes I’m now in Morro Mazatan. It is about 30 minutes taxi ride outside of Salina Cruz which is a big city (it has a Wal-Mart). The Wal-Mart though is too far away to go to. haha no, Carson, this place is definitely not a little more built up. Just a fun fact about our house- for the mission there are standard of living requirements that all houses have to pass. haha ours is the only one that has been given special permission and doesn’t have to meet the standards. All that
means is we pretty much live in a 2 room hut. I’ll tell you guys what we do for a bathroom and a shower when I get home. But ya so it’s a really poor pueblo and the people here are super humble. We get a lot of seafood because we’re right on the beach. Abby this week I ate a fish eyeball, not the best meal I’ve ever had, but the fish here is awesome. The areas pretty big, everything’s really spread out, so we do quite a bit of walking. It’s a good workout cause it’s all sand, it's literally like walking on the beach all day. Morro is a rama of about
20 people and we meet in a building that is pretty much a big shed.
mom pictures are gonna be a little rough cause the computers here don’t really move to fast. If you guys could all send your stuff in the same email I think that would speed things up. But ya so we had a baptism this week with a girl named Naimen whose SUPER pregnant, but ya she got
married on Tuesday this week so she could get baptized. It’s a pretty cool story, but the girl married a menos active member and reactivated him and now they’re gonna prepare for the temple and there both 18. The president of the rama was baptized in Arizona when he lived there 10 years ago so that’s pretty cool also. There’s a lot of potential for this area I think and it’s gonna be a tough couple of months but it’ll be good. Well I gotta get going. Love ya Guys!

I kinda got the pictures you sent. we’re gonna try to get permission to email on Tuesdays after district meeting in Salina Cruz

 sorry there’s no paper mail here. It’ll be better next week. It was my first week here so I’m still leaning a ton here.  gotta go love ya guys

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

haha so yes there were changes this week that’s why I’m writing today. I’m now in the oven of Salina Cruz. My area is called Morro Mazatan and is about 30 minutes outside the city. My new companion is Elder Pack. haha this is definitely gonna be an interesting couple of changes. he’s got 3 months left.  The area here is awesome; we live next to the ocean so that’s pretty cool. Living conditions are rough but I’ll get used to it. I met the branch president last night and he seems like a great guy and I’m excited to work with him, we also have a baptism set for this week so that’s also good haha. but ya everythings going good here. Hope you guys have a good week, I’ll have a little more to write next time! love ya guys

mom couple of things. Everything’s holding up good and my health’s good. Don’t send the package yet. Tell me what’s in it before you send it. My needs have definitely changed in Morro haha. There’s a Wal-Mart here. I’m definitely gonna have to get some stuff, I guess we live in the worst house in the whole mission haha