Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013- Matias Romero

Hey guys so had a good week last week! I just picked up my new companion Elder Caudillo from the bus station. I was way excited and nervous to have a comp that only speaks Spanish. It’s gonna be an interesting week since he doesn’t know any of the area or people and I barely do. But it’s gonna be good. We have a baptism set for this week for Angela(it’s the mom of that other girl from facebook) and were hoping it goes through. It’s hard with her because she’s a nurse and has a really random and crazy schedule, so pray that everything works out. We also set another baptism with one of the twins friends! he’s awesome and its cool cause he’s really seen how much his friends have changed and improved and he wants the same help. These two guys are awesome, we always bring them to lessons and you would never have known they were baptized a couple weeks ago. It’s just hard to explain these people here in words cause their real people and it’s just so hard to explain everything about them but their just awesome.! Well wish me luck with Spanish and being companero mayor este semana! Love ya guys!

I’m still doing good(hma Leyva calls like every day and asks what I’ve had for breakfast) haha ya everything’s good. For my birthday well probably go get some tacos and orange juice and that’ll be perfect. I don’t really wanna buy any souvenirs right now cause I don’t wanna carry anything extra around for two years, but ya I almost forgot it was my birthday. That’s the funniest thing here, telling people I’m 18 cuz they always think I’m like 26 haha

LOve you guys talk to you next week!

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