Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013- Matias Romero

So this week I got another companion, his name is Elder Davis and he’s from Honduras. I don’t know what happened the last couple weeks but I think they readjusted the whole mission cause there was a ton of special changes. But ya so that’s what happened with that.
This week was a really slow week with all the changes and stuff. I’ve pretty much just been trying to teach my comp the area and some of the key people here. I’m sorta learning that I’m in one of the harder areas of the mission but it’s good. Elder Davis said it’s good that this is the first place I started cause it will only make things easier when I go to other areas. We have two baptismal dates set right now with Robert and Pablo. The problem is getting them to go to church. The joke here in Mexico is that it’s easier to baptize someone than it is to get them to church haha. but we had 30 people in the capilla for sacrament yesterday, so that was a little improvement(even though the records say there are about 300 members here.) We also found a new investigator named Jesus whose about 40 and asked if he could go on a mission too haha. He’s progressing really fast and he can’t get enough of the gift of the Holy Ghost. He’s always asking questions about it and wanting to learn more. So ya hopefully he gets a fecha set this week! Sounds like you are all doing great! I got a letter yesterday from the Johnson’s(it was dated like 2 months ago) But thank you for the stickers Lauren! All the little kids really like them haha and Raena the Tlayudas here are incredible. Best food in the world!
 Have a great Week! Elder Sawyer

Abby- There are iguanas everywhere and they get really big! In the city you can actually buy iguana tacos!
I eat sopa every day for comida(they eat one monster lunch at 2:00) lots of tacos tlayudsa, empanadas, chicken and spaghetti. Also tons of fruits I’ve never heard of or seen like nanches and  guabana.
And they put salsa on everything, even the popsicles!

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