Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 16, 2013- Happy Birthday in Matias Romero!

I was so excited to open my email and find pictures from Andrew on a Wednesday. He's waiting for a new companion, so President Leyva gave him some time to email pictures, no "talking" though!
I assume this is what he bought with his birthday money- everyone needs a Lucha de libre mask!!

Elder Sawyer and Gilberto or Alberto (in the yellow) and Elder Caudillo in the front. Hopefully next week he'll share some names with us!
He did title this photo "el tigre tacos last night"

we did notice that he used $26 for his birthday dinner- buys a lot of food for 8 hungry young men
birthday cake made by his zone.
notice the "candle" made out of toilet paper!

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