Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013- Matias Romero

Angela's baptism- July 13, 2013
Elder Sawyer & Elder Caudillo

Hey guys,  sounds like you’re doing great! Thanks for the happy birthdays! This week was a really good (and really hard week). First things first, Angela got baptized on Friday! It was cool because she was the first investigator when I got here so that was awesome to see her follow her kids and choose to be baptized. It’s crazy how much their family has gone through in the last couple months and it’s awesome to see them in church together, all baptized. The other awesome cool things are the twins. They’ve decided they want to go on the mission in a year and they literally help us with everything! They share the gospel with all their friends and its awesome cause I think everyone in Matias knows them. ya but two of their friends have baptism dates set(Pablo, Robert). Their friends all have seen how much these two have changed and want the same thing. but ya i love those guys there awesome.

Dad I have two favorite teaching methods. 1 letting the twins do it all  2. saying things that make sense in Spanish  haha. But Elder caudillo is helping me out a ton! He is so awesome! He reminds me of Jared. But ya I’m learning way quick with him, It’s like in the movie Glory Road when the one guy is failing a class so his mom comes and sits behind him and whenever the teacher asks a question she says "my son can answer that”. So ya that’s pretty much how it was for three hours at a zone conf (and in every lesson) haha but I love him!

It’s nice having a Mexican comp cause everything is cheaper and he knows where to eat. I asked him the other day "hey, let’s get some tacos over there" and he just laughs and says I’d be dead before I got home haha. but ya I’m definitely a lot more street smart with him. but ya he’s from somewhere close to Cancun. It would take me like 30 minutes to spell it. This week I went on splits with  the zone leader in my area. Elder Caudillos is the district leader and it’s him that’s usually supposed to go, but he didn’t know the areas (neither did I) so I got to be District leader for the day and make sure everyone got there baustismo interviews so that was an interesting day, but I definitely learned a lot. My areas big cause there’s tons of pueblitos (like little villages on the outskirts of town. like 3 world country places).  but we mainly focus in centro.

It sounds like you guys are doing good. I know Carson and Kyle are probably dead right now at football camp (i hope they didn’t take their cell phones haha) Ryan good luck at band tryouts, you’ll do awesome. Abby, yes it is fun to baptize people. and that’s awesome you’re playing the piano Mom- I’m healthy and everything’s good. hips good, just a nice scar. not on any medicine. I’m getting really fat and skinny at the same time.  nope, no microwave but our fridge started working again!

This week we had about 15 people in church (rough week church wise). Oh and I also gave my 4th talk in church, so we have a little incentive to reactivate some people. Dad- as long as they have Germaine and Schureman they’re always gonna have a shot at winning. I know there D coordinator and he’s great too. I love reading the Book of Mormon stories in Spanish, cause there’s so much more to learn in a different language and different meanings. I just got my birthday haircut an hour ago, for less than a dollar haha um, and I might take some money out tomorrow night for a birthday party. I’ll send pics haha!

love you guys, keep doing what you’re doing!

-Elder Sawyer
some of our zone

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