Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013- Matias Romero

*** we found out through a Facebook post that Andrew had been very sick and that the ward in Matias was praying for his health and caring for him. We were worried it was his hip that was infected, but as you read on you will understand.

He was instructed by Hermana Leyva (mission president's wife) to have an email conversation with his mother and answer all her questions.

Andrew is in the regular font, his Mom is in the italics. **


you there mom?

            How are you?  Tell me symptoms and meds and what day this started

I have had typhoid. Just bad headaches and tummy problems, but it was the fevers that were the worst but I’m good now

When did it start?   What day.  How high fever?.  Did you see a Dr?  Where have you been staying?  Hip?

 last Friday, yes I’ve seen 3. my hips completely fine. it sealed right up when i got the bandaids off and they gave me some cream to help it seal. it’s just a scar now

Was your hip an allergic reaction to the band aid?  Where have you been staying?  Blood work?  Can you get copies of the blood work?

ya my hip was allergic to the band aid, ya they took blood, I can’t get paperwork but they explained that had some of the healthiest blood they’ve seen.(they did blood work only to make sure it wasn’t malaria or west nile and all that stuff came back negative) I’ve just been at the house

            Are you eating and drinking enough?

haha ya the members keep dropping off fruit and each one has their own special tea that supposedly cures anything haha. these members are awesome

            when did this start? June what?

I really have no clue, like a week ago. I didn’t know I was sick until we went with an hermana who’s a nurse and she shook my hand.

 actually week and a half

I’m taking nitazoanida and ranitinidina

and I’m getting amikacina shots

 hey mom I’m really fine and ya i was sick but they take care of us and stuff and I’m not dumb. the hardest thing is just not being able to work as much or have as many lessons. really don’t worry

K. Get better and be smart about hydration. Kyle wants to talk now. Love you, mom

 get mom i wanna talk to her too

            I'm still here.

 ask me more questions, have kyle write on the ipad and you on your phone.

Give me more hip info.  All healed? How high was your fever? Where are you emailing from?

from a little internet place they call cibers. it’s like 3 pesos for 30 minutes. kids use them to get on facebook and play videogames.


the highest fever was 104 last Thursday but that was cause we worked all day in the sun(that night the hma told me I had the fever). but that was the worst and it’s about level now, just have a little tummy trouble

            How are your families?  And the twins?

twins are awesome. they’re really popular and have tons of friends and they want us to teach all of them

            Are you taking meds for your hip or only for typhoid

just typhoid my hip is completley sealed. only a scar

haha so did hna leyva call you?

No, we emailed her.  I didn't “freak” out like you said last week. I didn't email her til last night when I saw the Facebook comments

did someone write something about my typhoid on facebook?

Rosa commented on a Facebook pic of you and Elder Dibble last night. Dad and I saw  at  midnight. It said something about lots of prayers for Elder Sawyer and the ward is giving him lot of fruits. We thought it was your hip.

We emailed sis Leyva last night and she emailed back this morning saying all was ok and that the ward and the Bishop were taking care of you.

We were very worried

haha no my hips good! and that’s great you kinda meet Rosa! she’s awesome she just turned in her mission papers yesterday! she is the friend of Alberto who gave us the reference and she gives us a ton of work. she’s awesome

            Plastic or microfiber for the pillow and mattress protectors that you need?

I don’t know the difference? whatever keeps bugs out the best.

oh and that reminds me! 80 bucks to send a package! you guys just need to go to a dbacks game or something instead of sending me stuff. and ya i got everything in the package

            Yes $80 to ship 18 lbs of food! Need anything else? 

no thanks for the package but just you guys do something fun and send me pics. the only things ill need is like those mattress stuff and then maybe some old spice deodorant. and that’s all I’ll need for a while untill i need like a couple new garments. but really I’m good on food here.


ya  ok what other questions do you have? Hma Leyva wants me to tell you all.


            You sent a pic last week of a building. Red with crosses -beautiful. What is it called?

haha those are literally everywhere(that was in downtown Oaxaca)  what about my health? hma leva said I needed to answer all your questions,

Don't have any more ?s.  just keep telling me stuff


gotta go I love you guys I’ll write more stories next week just don’t worry about me everything’s good. and everythings been properly diagnosed now so I’m gonna be good. I’ll right better next week! LOVE YOU GUYS have a good week

            Love you and write in your journal.  Love you


**then a regular letter an hour later, here is a bit of that letter

abby! you know how you found a bird under your bed the other day, well I found a frog the size of my fist under mine the other day haha!

Dad and Mom- I promise I’m getting better. It’s not the sickness that stinks, it was just hard not being able to go out and teach and wasting time in doctors’ offices instead spending it with investigators. president leyva said satans just been hitting me hard because we’re working hard and having success but to just keep pushing through, there’s a reason for everything, and it will all work out in the end. please dont worry everything’s uphill from here. glad to hear about your eye dad, that’s great you don’t have to get surgery. Julys gonna be a healthy month!! sorry not a lot of stories this week. next week I’ll tell you guys about the soccer game and the witch doctor haha. thanks for your prayers I love you guys and don’t worry about me, the lord takes care of his missionaries!


**From Elder Dibble’s blog:

This week has been pretty crazy. Elder Sawyer got sick with Typhoid, so we've been in the house for almost a week straight. He is doing a lot better now though.

Yesterday Hermano Garrido drove us to the Military Zone so that Elder Sawyer could get some fresh air and then we ate with the Flores Family. It’s so cool there. I love visiting with them. The food they fed us was awesome, too. It was some kind of Mixtec soup with squash, and carne de reis. It actually kind of tasted like Chinese food. We are blessed to be working in a ward with such great members. They really are helping us a lot.

We have been working with Alberto and Gilberto. Over 10 of their friends showed up to play soccer in the ward activity this past Friday. They are awesome! This week we are going to go with them to teach their buddies. They are using Facebook to preach to their friends. They are awesome examples for the members here in Matias. They are also now working on reactivating the brother of the Young Woman that shared the gospel with them. How crazy!

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