Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013- Matias Romero

K so just to answer some of your questions we get feed comida (that’s what they call lunch) everyday by a member at 2:00 and it’s always really good. Besides that were pretty much on our own for food. Today I’m gonna go by four big bags of raw oats and maybe some sugar and that’s what I’ll eat for breakfast and dinner for the next week (and probably the next two years). I put the oats in a bowl and put water in and then eat them. And I eat a ton of mangoes and mini bananas.  I’m hoping that eating that will keep the weight on cause I’m just melting away. I measured my waist this morning and it’s at 30 so I’ve lost a lot. I haven’t had any problems with the food or anything. I’m actually kind of surprised. we eat a lot of sopa and chicken but I haven’t had mole yet. An elder in our house had salmonella poisoning last week and that doesn’t look to fun so I’m trying to be careful.

We do have an chapel  here and its crazy because its nicer and bigger than any other church I’ve seen back home, people always think it’s a temple cause it just sticks out so much.

My hips doing good.

So the hurricane this week was really lame. It missed us and it’s only been raining and tons of lightning and stuff but no hurricane. The problem is when it rains the river overflows and combines with the sewer and we get our water from the river so we couldn’t do laundry last week and stuff so it wasn’t a good week hygiene wise but it’s all good.

We have 5 baptisms dates set this week. Alberto and his twin Gilberto who are just awesome. Their best friend Victor who has a ton of problems and stuff but really thinks the gospel can help and then Alberto’s mom who really likes the palabra de sabiduria (here kids have drinking problems). And then we set one with Cecillio last week but we got a message last night that his wife is divorcing him and were not sure of the whole situation, but it doesn’t look good so were gonna check up with him tonight and see what’s up. So ya but this week were doing cooking classes and making pizza with the ward (haha Jessica was right about the cooking) and we’re gonna do a family home evening with Alberto’s family and make pizza or something. But ya every things going good here.

Spanish is coming along all right I guess, it’s just so different hearing natives talk but it’s all good. It will come eventually. I’ll probably send pics on Wednesday.
Love ya guys! Have a good week!

Elder Sawyer

**from Elder Dibble's blog (used with permission)**

" Also this week we visited with Reyna. She contacted us at church because she needed help with her English paper that she had to do for her University. She’s studying to be an accountant. I think she kind of just used it as an excuse to come to church and look for help for her family because her husband is a drunk and she is raising 3 little kids on her own. She told us that she wants to get baptized set the example for her husband. I´m glad she has such an optimistic view of things. We had a cool experience yesterday with her. Elder Sawyer and I were walking down the street and we had a feeling to go to her house and visit with her even though she told us that she wouldn't be home until Friday. We went and passed by and she happily let us in. She told us that during that day she prayed that we would pass by. She was having some problems during that day with family and we were able to teach a powerful lesson that helped her. I know God answers prayers.
There is an Abuelita here in Matias that hadn't been to church in several months because of her arthritis and her foot was messed up. She’s 89 so you can imagine how that is... well, we read Ether 12:27 and Nefi 3:7 with her and promised her that if she put her confidence in God, that he would provide a way for her to come to church because it’s a commandment and if she wants to save her family she needs to set the example. That next week, she walked all the way the church by herself on Sunday, and during the next week, the city randomly decided to build paved road down her street connecting with the road that leads to the chapel so now it’s not much of a problem for her to walk to church. I know that road was built because God helped her after she passed the trial of her faith. God always will help us when we do our best and will never give us commandments that aren't possible to follow.

This week we are going to start teaching members and investigators cooking lessons... I have to say, I never ever thought before my mission I would be teaching people how to cook, but it looks like that’s what we are going to be doing. Lots of investigators and members are inviting their friends, too. It will be interesting to see how many people show up to this... "
-Elder Dibble

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