Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013- Matias Romero

"what we proselyte in, haha"
"the package came!"

2:02 PM- after sending a bunch of photos, Andrew wrote this small paragraph-

k i gotta go! love you guys! everything’s great here! good to hear from you t cav! read your scriptures, work hard in band football and baseball and whatever else and don’t worry about me mom. thanks for the package it was great!

4:41 PM- a couple of hours later we got a true letter, after they had completed changes (transfers)
Hey guys Its going great here in Mexico! So today is my first day of changes and me and Elder Dibble are gonna be here in Matias for another 6 weeks. Sounds like you guys are all doing awesome back at home having a good vacation. So yes! I did get your package about 20 minutes ago and it’s awesome! It came a little roughed up but it was all there and all inside. I didn’t get to look through it all the way but holy cow, there’s enough feed to last my whole mission in there thanks! and I love seeing all the pictures!( prom looked awesome, sweet rings, Kyle’s pictures made me want to cry) but I love getting those pictures and mission calls and those quote cards. Ya mom Elder Johnson came and talked and that was awesome and ya I can understand everything that Americans say but when natives talk it’s a completely different language. oh and its works perfect if you guys send one email a week with a couple of notes from each of you like you did last week.  So yes Alberto’s family is doing awesome! I baptized his twin on Saturday, they got the Priesthood on Sunday and went to walk around the Chiapas temple that night! They’re awesome! Their mom just needs to get to church two more weeks and then she’ll be baptized too! We’re doing really good, there are a lot of investigators with a lot of potential here. Working hard for the last six weeks here is going to really pay off here in the coming six weeks! but ya  a lot is going on, just lots of work and grease haha. Oh ya I gotta a hilarious story about my hip but I can’t tell you guys until mom promises she won’t freak and and call Hermana Leyva or anything!

6:12 PM- after that last sentence Andrew left us hanging with his “hilarious story” about his hip- Moms never “freak out” about their missionaries, right? Here is the last email of the day:
So it turns out that they should have stitched my hip up when they did surgery (it’s not too good to be walking around Mexico with an open wound). But it got infected again and really tender and I thought I had a staph infection. So I went to the doctors and they said I had something really bad and he wanted to get me on some heavy antibiotics (that there’s no way I could afford) and he pretty much told me it was way serious. So we called the mission president’s wife and she sent us to a doctor that she knew and trusted. So we went there. Well we got there and he tells us that the other doctor is a moron and I don’t have an infection, I have a virus. So we ask him what I have and he tells me I have herpes haha. So ya you can imagine how that call went with the mission president telling him that I had to go to the big city cause I had herpes. So ya good stuff. So we decide to try one more doctor to see what he says, and he tells me it’s just a bad allergic reaction to the band aids I was putting on it haha. So I took the bandaids off and he gave me some stuff and everything cleared up literally overnight. Haha so that was a pretty scary experience haha but it’s pretty funny. So I’m interested to see how my next interview with the president goes- haha. Ya so the lesson I learned this week: prayer works.

Quino Castillo Familia
baptism of Gilberto- June 22, 2013

"one weeks worth of food--what 250 pesos buys"
"I like watermelon"

"what a $1.50 haircut looks like"

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