Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013- Matias Romero

Elder Sawyer, Alberto & Elder Dibble
June 15, 2013
Guys! What’s Up! Awesome week!
Alberto got baptized, and I’m the one who got to baptize him! It was so cool, it’s probably the awesomest thing I’ve ever done! And it was just so cool to be there with him and his twin and mom(who are getting baptized the following two weeks). It’s just so hard to describe but it was awesome. I baptized him in mud brown water that was only up to my knees, haha it was probably really funny to watch but whatever, he got all the way under. Oh and so this coming Sunday he’s gonna be made the Young Men’s president haha which is pretty crazy. So ya that was the highlight of the week.
On Wednesday I had to go to Oaxaca to renew my visa or whatever so I had an 8 hour bus ride there, got off, signed the papers, and got right back on. So ya, that was probably the worst 16 hours of my life, buts at least I got to watch Spiderman, which isn’t as good in Spanish(prez lets us watch the movies on the bus rides).So this is the last week of my first change, it’s gone by pretty quick. I’m nervous to see what I’m doing next week cause every keeps saying they’re just gonna make me a companero mayor before I’m done training, so we’ll see.
Elder Johnson of the seventy came this week for a trizone meeting. It was pretty much three hours of him and his wife ripping us, and then another hour of president beating on us, but it was good haha. It’s times like that that it’s good not to know Spanish too well haha.
Your guyses horse ride sounds like fun (I still laugh when I think of Carson on a horse for a week). Carson, I’m gonna need some verification from DJ or Seth on the 28 reps haha but that’s insane! Keep it up! Kyle, dude way to make the All-star team! That’s awesome! How’s lifting going? What are you squatting and cleaning? Ryan how long till band camp? When do you know what instrument you’re gonna be playing? and dude get that AP thing and eagle knocked out this summer! What’s your project!? Abby how’s b ball camp going? Can you dunk yet? There’s a zoo in Matias here. We might go next change if I’m still here. It probably just has a bunch of weird looking dogs and bugs haha. Dad it makes my head hurt trying to read it haha, but it looks pretty good. And you guys can’t send me pictures like that, all those ribs! They make me so hungry! Happy late father’s day, Thanks for all you do! Mom no, no packages yet haha, I’m not gonna get my hopes up. And that’s crazy for carter, you’re gonna have to feed him while he’s there haha!
 Well love you guys, talk to you next week!
Elder Sawyer

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