Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013- Matias Romero

doing my laundry
Elders Sawyer & Dibble with some children in Matias

the walk to church

view from my street

Mexican bench press

Hey guys had another awesome week! And I got all your mail finally (literally 34 letters). I guess they just pile up until we have a big meeting and they can get us them. It was awesome to hear everything that’s been going on. First of all holy cow Carson! 28 reps, that’s freakin ridiculous! Sounds like that vitamin b stuff is working. And dude enjoy the weights I really miss them, every morning I think about you and Kyle lifting at the same time I am here. Ryan thanks for all the emails! very detailed haha but dude I hope you have good time at scout camp, haha (i can just picture how Carson’s gonna be walking after a week on a horse) I hope you’re doing good in band and get that AP history stuff done so you can enjoy your summer! Kyle, dude, sorry about baseball. The good news is its futbol americano season! Work HARD this summer and do and eat everything Carson tells you to. And since when do you play the guitar? What the heck? haha that’s awesome. haha there’s an elder in my house that plays the guitar and my comp plays the piano and so on p days they play Taylor Swift and I sing haha it’s pretty funny cause our neighbors just stare and stuff. Abby thanks for your letters, no I’m definitely not cold. I hope you’re enjoying my room! Dad, Happy Father’s Day! I haven’t eaten any parts of the cow, we eat a lot of chicken. It’s a really poor area so 99 percent of the time it’s like sopa and some rice and tortillas. But I love all the different waters here! And that’s cool your ready the LDM in Spanish, I am too! haha Mom my hips doing fine, that mouse nest you found looks nasty! but I think I have a couple stories that could top that haha. but everything’s going good, I figured out what to eat and stuff so I’m doing good eating wise and I found really cheap protein so I’m doing really good! Molly, I wish I could be back on that glacier in Alaska for just ten minutes haha! 
There were alot of awesome things that happened this week. So this week Alberto is getting baptized and he’s way pumped! The plan is to baptize him this week and then have him baptize his bro and mom the next week, so that would be awesome. They’re pretty much the perfect family, were gonna have a noche de hogre with them tonight and watch the Restoration and make pizza! Also this week the DL went on divisions with all the senior comps. So I got to go with his comp for the day who has only 6 more weeks in the mission than me. He’s from Texas and speaks alright Spanish but he’s really shy and quiet so I was worried how this day was gonna go. We ended up having six good lessons but we weren’t really doing much cause of our lack of communication skills (Spanish). So we were walking around a little discouraged when we saw this girl struggling with these big bags. We asked her if we could help her carry them and she didn’t want to at first but then she agreed to it. We walked for like 2 miles in silence cause my comp was shy and I didn’t know how to say anything. We got to here house and dropped the bags off and asked if we could come back another day and she said ya. Well she now has a baptism date and her mom is really interested all because we just offered to carry some bags, so it felt good to help. Also this week a lesson fell through and we had absolutely no where to go. We decided to walk by this hermanas house even though she had told us the day before she wouldn’t be home. It turns out she was having some problems that day and had prayed in the morning that we would come by. It was definitely the spirit that got us there and there was a reason that cita fell through. We’re gonna set a baptism date with her this week. So ya that’s just a couple of little things that happened this week, I wish I could write about it all! Have a good rest of the Week! Love you guys

-elder sawyer

p.s. sorry I haven’t written anyone back, there is absolutely no mail service here. So it might be a while before I get anyone a letter back sorry!
 And hey could you tell Trent O. thanks for the letter. It really helped this week (especially point 1). I got it hanging in front of my desk. Let him, and everyone else know I’ll try to get them letters soon, but that is very difficult where I’m at and I’m sorry.

*****From his companion, Elder Dibble’s blog (used with permission):
“Well, this week here in Matias has been pretty awesome. Elder Sawyer and I have been all over the place this week. Elder Sawyer is such a hard worker and he never complains. He’s awesome. So full of greeny energy. I love it!

We visited with Hermano Hugo and his family yesterday, we had an awesome lesson with them about the importance of going to church, and then they fed us lunch... it was so good... comida norteña with Spanish flan for desert. They kind of spoiled us

Afterwards, we... well we got into the Military Zone! That’s been my goal the whole time I´ve been here in Matias because there is a Sergeant in there who is a member. The look on the Guards’ faces when Hermano Hugo drove us up to the security gate was priceless... Two Gringos in suits... I´m sure they don't see that every day. They asked us for our visas but those are in Oaxaca and I about wet my pants because I thought they were going to detain us since we didn't have our papers, but they accepted our United States I.D.s and let us in. We had an awesome lesson with Hermano Flores (The Sergeant) and his family. We are the first missionaries who have been able to get in there and visit them. They were all pretty happy to see us.

Yesterday we also started teaching an Hermano that is an Agent in the Mexican FBI (AFI). It’s going to be a little hard teaching him because he will only be home once every 10 days but, he has a lot of animo. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he is taking it to his work and will be reading it.”

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