Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013 Provo MTC

Hey guys today's the 1 month mark of the MTC. its crazy how fast its going by but these last 1 and a half weeks seem to be going by so slow haha. Its really crazy right now here because there changing everything up to get ready for all the missionaries that are coming. their cramming us all in rooms and we have 2 days less of gym time because there are to many missionaries for everyone to go everyday. Just when i got the eating schedule down ( 7/11/4) they changed it (8:30/2:30/7) so that's been hard to adjust to. The Spanish is starting to come along a lot better now, but there's still a long way to go that's for sure, We had a talk given by one of the 70 this week (i cant think of his name) but he pretty much just told us to suck it up and not worry about the language. Its really funny how different the General authorities act when they speak at the MTC. last week we watched a talk were Elder Bednar pretended to be cookie monster for like half the time and the week before we watched Elder Holland make us feel like the worst people ever so i just thought that was funny.The other thing i realized this week is the MTC is like a big petri dish. Every ones always sick and if your not sick today then you will be tomorrow. They even have like a basement floor where they quarantine anybody that is real sick. Its definitely strengthening my immune system being here. No word yet on the visas, so i don't know whats gonna happen there . If i get reassigned I'll probably know by Thursday so ya keep praying for them. Well that's about it, kinda boring but hopefully i have some good stories about showering with a bucket or doing laundry in a river in a couple weeks! Love you all thanks for all the letters!
-Elder Sawyer
Ya i got the package and the only thing i need is a small English pmg but besides that nothing, i need to start figuring out how I'm gonna pack everything.

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