Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013- Matias Romero

Hey guys,

How’s it going in Arizona? It’s just been pouring these last couple of days and it’s just been crazy. It just makes it so much more humid it’s crazy. We had a couple conferences this week and that was good to get to see a bunch of other missionaries and also sleep on the bus rides haha. It’s funny cause everyone tries to talk to me cause I’m the only new missionary in the zone but I can’t understand anyone.
Things are going a lot better teaching wise and we’ve picked up some awesome investigators. 1 is an 18 year old kid (Alberto) who we were gonna invite to be baptized but he has this big stud earring. It was awesome though cause we read in the bible about our bodies being a temple and he just stared at it for a second and he just goes oh crap! and takes it out and throws it in his house without us even saying everything. It also turns out he’s got a twin brother (Gilberto). We talked to him yesterday with his brother and Alberto pretty much taught the whole lesson for us. We were talking about baptism and Gilberto was confused cause he was already baptized when he was younger. After he said this his brother says dude you weren’t baptized the right way, you gotta be baptized like Jesus and then he told him to take out his earring and explained our bodies are temples. Those two are awesome, They both have baptism dates for a couple of weeks. We’re also gonna start talking to their mom and their 16 year old twin brother and sister. Everyone’s just so friendly here it’s so cool. I made a friend with an 82 year old woman who was baptized a couple months ago. the probablem is she has Alzheimer’s so one day she thinks she’s catholic and the next she a perfect Mormon. It’s really funny and she always gives me mangoes because she said she likes me cause I don’t talk a lot haha.

But ya everything’s going good, it’s just like camping pretty much.
Oh and my hips doing good, I’m sure Hermana Leyva told you but I had surgery and they went in and cut the infection out. That was a great experience cause a guess they don’t have anesthesia or numbing stuff here so I just laid there and watched him doing it haha but its good I promise. It’s fine, they didn’t stitch it back up so I just gotta be careful while it seals. I don’t know what it was they took out, it was just black and now it’s not, they like scrubbed it out, it’s seriously fine. I also learned my body doesn’t take penicillin, so it was good I learned that I guess.

I don’t really need anything, if you send something just send like protein or something. I found protein in the farmacia, but it’s crazy expensive and not that good and I probably need to use that money for other stuff. I’m down to 175 pounds cause we don’t have a ton of food to eat and we sweat a ton out so protein would be good. And maybe but like a USB drive that I can put all my pictures on. I got your letter you sent on mother’s day yesterday at a zone meeting, so about two weeks. I only get 45 minutes on the little prepay computer lab so it’s probably best not to send a ton of emails. I haven’t sent any letters yet I don’t even know if there’s a mail system in this little city but ya. I’ll try to see how letters work and try to send one, its hard cause I’m writing the pres right now and hardly have any time. Well sounds like everyone’s doing good!
Love you guys!

Elder Sawyer

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