Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013 Provo MTC

Voy a Mexico! On Tuesday they flew me out to Las Vegas to go meet with the Mexican consulate and try to get my Visa. It was the longest day ever but at the end I was able to get my visa. Then when we got back the next day the travel office said we'd probably have to stay another week because we got them so late and it was going to be hard finding a way to get us down to Mexico on such short notice but yesterday we got called up and they had our travel plans already done! On Monday at 3 am we go to Dallas and then to Mexico City and then Oaxaca, so it’s about 14 hours of travel time. There are 6 of us going and we're all pumped. It’s hard to think in 3 days I’ll be in Mexico Haha. Also this week our devotional speaker was Chad Lewis (BYU/Eagles football) and it was the best talk ever haha. The gospel just makes so much more sense when it’s compared to Troy Palomalu haha. But it was an awesome talk. I know they tape all the MTC talks go if you can find it that would be a cool one to watch. Sorry if I haven’t been the best at writing letters back to all of my friends and extended family. These past couple of weeks, it’s just been so crazy here but I’ll do better I promise! Thank you for all your prayers, especially for visas. I know the Lord does hear and answer our prayers! I’ll talk to you next week! (Hopefully from Mexico)

Con Amor - Elder Sawyer

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