Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013- Matias Romero

Andrew surprised us this morning by sending pictures. He was only able to send about 10 and then he typed, "we got a hurricane warning so we gotta go get inside". Sounds like they were not able to be out in the city much because of the weather, so President Leyva gave them some internet time to email pictures. Yay!!

our house

outside our house

where we wash our clothes

bucket showers

Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013- Matias Romero

Hey guys,

How’s it going in Arizona? It’s just been pouring these last couple of days and it’s just been crazy. It just makes it so much more humid it’s crazy. We had a couple conferences this week and that was good to get to see a bunch of other missionaries and also sleep on the bus rides haha. It’s funny cause everyone tries to talk to me cause I’m the only new missionary in the zone but I can’t understand anyone.
Things are going a lot better teaching wise and we’ve picked up some awesome investigators. 1 is an 18 year old kid (Alberto) who we were gonna invite to be baptized but he has this big stud earring. It was awesome though cause we read in the bible about our bodies being a temple and he just stared at it for a second and he just goes oh crap! and takes it out and throws it in his house without us even saying everything. It also turns out he’s got a twin brother (Gilberto). We talked to him yesterday with his brother and Alberto pretty much taught the whole lesson for us. We were talking about baptism and Gilberto was confused cause he was already baptized when he was younger. After he said this his brother says dude you weren’t baptized the right way, you gotta be baptized like Jesus and then he told him to take out his earring and explained our bodies are temples. Those two are awesome, They both have baptism dates for a couple of weeks. We’re also gonna start talking to their mom and their 16 year old twin brother and sister. Everyone’s just so friendly here it’s so cool. I made a friend with an 82 year old woman who was baptized a couple months ago. the probablem is she has Alzheimer’s so one day she thinks she’s catholic and the next she a perfect Mormon. It’s really funny and she always gives me mangoes because she said she likes me cause I don’t talk a lot haha.

But ya everything’s going good, it’s just like camping pretty much.
Oh and my hips doing good, I’m sure Hermana Leyva told you but I had surgery and they went in and cut the infection out. That was a great experience cause a guess they don’t have anesthesia or numbing stuff here so I just laid there and watched him doing it haha but its good I promise. It’s fine, they didn’t stitch it back up so I just gotta be careful while it seals. I don’t know what it was they took out, it was just black and now it’s not, they like scrubbed it out, it’s seriously fine. I also learned my body doesn’t take penicillin, so it was good I learned that I guess.

I don’t really need anything, if you send something just send like protein or something. I found protein in the farmacia, but it’s crazy expensive and not that good and I probably need to use that money for other stuff. I’m down to 175 pounds cause we don’t have a ton of food to eat and we sweat a ton out so protein would be good. And maybe but like a USB drive that I can put all my pictures on. I got your letter you sent on mother’s day yesterday at a zone meeting, so about two weeks. I only get 45 minutes on the little prepay computer lab so it’s probably best not to send a ton of emails. I haven’t sent any letters yet I don’t even know if there’s a mail system in this little city but ya. I’ll try to see how letters work and try to send one, its hard cause I’m writing the pres right now and hardly have any time. Well sounds like everyone’s doing good!
Love you guys!

Elder Sawyer

Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013- Transfer 1- Matias Romero

Elder Sawyer & Elder Dibble- outside their home.
Matias Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico
Mexico’s awesome! We got here Monday night and then all the new elders left Tuesday morning to go to their areas in the city except for me. The President decided he was gonna put me in the farthest mission away in Matias Romero, so I had another full day of travelling on the bus on Tuesday. They were surprised when I got here cause they said new missionaries never go outside the city. So I finally got going on Wednesday and its awesome here. It’s really poor and it almost looks like it’s in the Philippines or Africa in some places. It’s really humid here and I’ve just gotten used to being soaked. It’s pretty much what I expected though, showering with a bucket, doing laundry in a bucket and stuff like that. The food here is great but really greasy haha. Tlayudas are the best food here every meal we get a huge bowl of red sauce and they dip everything in it.  My companion is Elder Dibble and it’s the first time they’ve ever put two white guys together in this area so we get a ton of stares. There are another set of elders both from Texas in our apartment. Elder Lincon, he’s awesome, is the district leader. He was a big football player in Texas.  I’m definitely the biggest person in the town here though, they are all really short. I get asked everyday if I’m a lucho libre. haha. Oh, and there are dogs everywhere, but not real dogs. They either have 1 eye, three legs or half a head or all three of those. I don’t like dogs any more.
So teaching is going great. There’s just one problem, everyone speaks Spanish. I can’t understand a thing any of the natives say so the only way I know what we’re talking about is what my companion says and most of the time I don’t understand him. We also set a record for lessons in a day. My companion is a workhorse. My first day i got to teach two people. it’s a little different than teaching people in the MTC.  haha. Oh and I got to go the Mexican doctor, that was kinda interesting. but my hip got pretty bad and I couldn’t walk and the doctor thought I might need surgery. They said it was a level1 lesion and they were worried because it was spreading close to some organs and it was like a black baseball on my hip but it’s better now. It was a good thing though cause I had to go get medicine and stuff and the farmacia and found protein there, so in the end it worked out good. 
I have no idea how to get you guys pictures it takes about 30 minutes to upload one so I have no idea? and I haven’t got any mail yet, it probably doesn’t help I’m in the middle of  nowhere. so ya not too sure what to do. oh and I gave a talk in church yesterday and that was interesting....  and it’s even harder to stay awake when you have no idea what anyone’s saying, like 30 people were at church Sunday.  We are not allowed to do any contacting at all. It’s just too dangerous. We can only talk to people if we got a referral about them, so most of the days we are at members houses trying to find people to teach. Let’s see we have four elders in my house and that’s rare, it’s usually only one companionship in the house. Most of the houses here are like cardboard and sheet metal and pretty much just compacted garbage. There are no streets or such a thing as address here. It’s literally almost a 3 world country in most parts. It’s cool. k well that’s about it I’ll talk to you guys next week .
love you guys!
Elder sawyer

***This is from Andrew’s companion’s blog- (with his permission)

“Si, everything is going great. This week has been pretty crazy. I got a new companion. His name is Elder Sawyer and as of today, he only has 5 days in the mission field. He's so white... haha! He's from Arizona and he is only 18! He has a lot of animo coming straight out of the MTC. He's awesome!
This week Elder Sawyer and I have been working a lot with the youth in the ward. There are two, la Hermana Rosa, and el Hermano Andrei, that are awesome! They are both getting ready for their missions but they are already like missionaries.
Elder Sawyer put his first baptismal date with Hermana Angela this week. It was a pretty cool experience for him. The bishop came to the lesson with us and he's got a lot of animo, too!”
-Elder Dibble

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013 Oaxaca Mexico Mission Home

7:30 pm

we got a couple minutes to check in. made it here safe, its way humid here im dripping. there's a ton of stuff to learn and no one speaks english. its gonna be good though. we stay tonight at the mission home. p-days are monday so ill talk to you next week.
love you guys,
elder sawyer

Mission Facebook post

Misión México~Oaxaca Tierra de Milagros - mission facebook page

NOTICE: We just receive at the Oaxaca´s airport, our new american missionaries:
Elders Sawyer, Gillespie, Cody, Tapp, Paterson, and Jackson. They all are healthy and happy. : )
Welcome home, in Mexico Oaxaca Mission! : )
We´ll upload the photos soon.

Mission Facebook post

"Misión México~Oaxaca Tierra de Milagros"  - from the mission facebook page-
Today, at 9:20 a.m. we received at the airport in the city of Oaxaca to eight new and wonderful missionaries, and a new and handsome elder! : )

Sister Valdivia, sister Sánchez, sister Noriega, sister Gutiérrez, sister Cuanalo, sister Caballero, (all from Mexico), and the sister Berrio and sister Contreras, from Colombia.
As well as our elder range, of Mexican nationality.

All were in good health and great spirits. Soon I will upload photos of their welcome.

In the evening we go to greet our new American missionaries. : )

Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11, 2013- Provo MTC

Met up with one of his best buds- Elder Carter Kleinlein, going to Peru

another friend from the ward,  Elder Blake Chapman

Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013 Provo MTC

Voy a Mexico! On Tuesday they flew me out to Las Vegas to go meet with the Mexican consulate and try to get my Visa. It was the longest day ever but at the end I was able to get my visa. Then when we got back the next day the travel office said we'd probably have to stay another week because we got them so late and it was going to be hard finding a way to get us down to Mexico on such short notice but yesterday we got called up and they had our travel plans already done! On Monday at 3 am we go to Dallas and then to Mexico City and then Oaxaca, so it’s about 14 hours of travel time. There are 6 of us going and we're all pumped. It’s hard to think in 3 days I’ll be in Mexico Haha. Also this week our devotional speaker was Chad Lewis (BYU/Eagles football) and it was the best talk ever haha. The gospel just makes so much more sense when it’s compared to Troy Palomalu haha. But it was an awesome talk. I know they tape all the MTC talks go if you can find it that would be a cool one to watch. Sorry if I haven’t been the best at writing letters back to all of my friends and extended family. These past couple of weeks, it’s just been so crazy here but I’ll do better I promise! Thank you for all your prayers, especially for visas. I know the Lord does hear and answer our prayers! I’ll talk to you next week! (Hopefully from Mexico)

Con Amor - Elder Sawyer

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013 Provo MTC and Las Vegas?

We received this email Monday afternoon:

Well im going to Vegas at 5 am tommorow to talk to the consolate. so i guess thats good for my visa but we'll see
elder Sawyer

Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5, 2013- Provo MTC

Cinco de Mayo "party"

notice the Elders eating cookies while Andrew does pushups

going to Oaxaca!

the whole district
6 to Oaxaca, Mexico
4 to Philadelphia

district with their teacher

Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013 Provo MTC

Hey guys today's the 1 month mark of the MTC. its crazy how fast its going by but these last 1 and a half weeks seem to be going by so slow haha. Its really crazy right now here because there changing everything up to get ready for all the missionaries that are coming. their cramming us all in rooms and we have 2 days less of gym time because there are to many missionaries for everyone to go everyday. Just when i got the eating schedule down ( 7/11/4) they changed it (8:30/2:30/7) so that's been hard to adjust to. The Spanish is starting to come along a lot better now, but there's still a long way to go that's for sure, We had a talk given by one of the 70 this week (i cant think of his name) but he pretty much just told us to suck it up and not worry about the language. Its really funny how different the General authorities act when they speak at the MTC. last week we watched a talk were Elder Bednar pretended to be cookie monster for like half the time and the week before we watched Elder Holland make us feel like the worst people ever so i just thought that was funny.The other thing i realized this week is the MTC is like a big petri dish. Every ones always sick and if your not sick today then you will be tomorrow. They even have like a basement floor where they quarantine anybody that is real sick. Its definitely strengthening my immune system being here. No word yet on the visas, so i don't know whats gonna happen there . If i get reassigned I'll probably know by Thursday so ya keep praying for them. Well that's about it, kinda boring but hopefully i have some good stories about showering with a bucket or doing laundry in a river in a couple weeks! Love you all thanks for all the letters!
-Elder Sawyer
Ya i got the package and the only thing i need is a small English pmg but besides that nothing, i need to start figuring out how I'm gonna pack everything.