Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013 Provo MTC

Dear Familia,

Today is conference, so we get a little time to write and stuff. Spanish is hard and it’s coming along very slowly. Yesterday me and my companion taught our first investigator, Ignacio, en espanol. Haha.  We knew like no Spanish so it was way hard. We’re not really taught Spanish here, instead they just say everything in Spanish and we just have to try to pick up on it. Most of the time we have is for self-study, so you have to stay really focused or else you start to fall behind. I’ll check on the calling card, but you may have to remind me later because the first week is way packed with stuff, so I will probably not be able to get to the store anytime soon. Carson, I found out that they do have a weight room, but all it is are cardio machines and benches with dumbbells up to 75. My p-day is Friday so that’s probably when I’ll email next unless we’re allowed to today. I’ll also try to send pictures home soon too. Kyle, good job at your game keep working hard. Abby take care of my room! Ryan send me a picture of you in your chick-fil-a shirt and Carson, way to kill those jeans!  

Love you guys,
Elder Sawyer

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