Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pictures- Provo MTC

the front of the MTC

6 to a room!, it used to be 4

Elder Patterson & Elder Sawyer- he's from Mesa

p-day (preparation day) sack lunches, and I think he's cold in Provo with all the snow they have had recently

while doing their laundry they have 1/2 hour on the computer to write home

the weight room

he's still eating peanut butter, lots of it, he also says he has to send his ties to the dry cleaner all the time, because they get in the peanut butter


he brought his own pull up bar, which is good because he said his is the only dorm without one

Provo Temple

Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013 Provo MTC


Things are going really good here this week; Spanish is really coming a lot better. I can now pretty much teach the whole first lesson and pray and bear my testimony and stuff. I’m sorta at a point where my English is getting really bad because everything is in Spanish and my Spanish just isn’t that good yet so I can’t really speak any language, but its good haha. Elder Richard G Scott came this week to the MTC to give a devotional, it was probably the highlight of the week. He talked a lot about learning a language and how the key is prayer, it was just what I needed to hear. At the end of the devotional we sang the closing song and the elder came up to say the closing prayer and when he was about to say it Elder Scott walked up and told him to sit down because he had more stuff he wanted to talk to us about. He said he felt that he needed to give the missionaries an apostolic blessing of strength and knowledge. It was way awesome and funny haha. We were way late to our meetings but he said if we had a problem being late to tell our teachers they could take it up with him. It seems like time is really flying in the MTC, it’s already been 2 plus weeks since I got here. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned in such a short time. It seems like EVERYONE is getting reassigned to different places, visas seemed to have stopped coming! So we’re all just sorta planning on going to Idaho for a while but hopefully they come! I hear Boise’s a nice place but I think I’d be alright just skipping straight to Mexico haha. Pray for our Visas! Gotta go get my haircut right now, I’ll try to get pictures in the mail today.

Love ya guys!              
-Elder Sawyer

Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 3

Just got this picture today. It was taken by Connor Waskiewicz (who is going to Poland and has been in the MTC since February 27 and is in our ward). Andrew on his first day at the MTC- notice the dot on his name tag.

Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013 Provo MTC

Hey guys,
 It’s going great here. Today is my first real p day and it’s great. I baptized our investigator this week haha with about no Spanish, but it is starting to come a little bit easier. Those conjugation cards are really nice, a bunch of the guys use them a lot. I’ve lost 5 pounds this last week and it’s definitely from not eating anything after 4 so thanks for the package, it’s just what I needed. It’s really funny how self-motivated you have to be here, they literally just expect you to know Spanish and the gospel and most of the time we have is just studying on our own. The elders that are struggling here are the ones that can’t be focused by themselves so I think that’s really helping me out. Also a lot of the elders are getting burned out from the days ( we’re in the classroom about ten hours a day) so I’m glad I sorta got in the habit of waking up early and working hard. General Conference was awesome and I really liked Elder Uchtdorf’s talk on missionaries. It was cool to have all 6000 of us crammed in a little gym and have them announce all the missionary numbers and stuff. I can’t wait to actually get to Mexico. Jared’s telling me it’s awesome so I can’t wait! I’ll send pictures sometime next week and I’ll also write a letter to you to today cause I have a little less time on the computer because I have to  e mail my district report in.
Love ya guys!
Elder Sawyer

Saturday, April 6, 2013

in between Conference Sessions

K, so I get to e mail for a couple minutes today. I wrote you a couple letters already but I just wanted to check in with e mail. Thanks for all your letters. ,
Spanish is way hard but I’m learning slowly. They don’t really teach you the language they just talk about gospel stuff for hours everyday and try to get you to pick up on stuff. I am pretty good at understanding what people are saying it just gets hard to be able to talk back and form sentences without thinking too much. I have no idea how I’m gonna be able to go to Mexico in a couple weeks! haha but I know if I work hard heavenly father will help me out. Do you think you could send me like a simple pocket conjugation chart? That would be awesome.

Conference in the conference in the MTC  is also awesome, I think I’ve gotten more out of one session then my whole life watching conference.

Like I said I don’t have to long to write but you should be getting a couple of more detailed letters in the next couple days and then next Friday I will have more time to write a real e mail. 

Love you guys!

Elder Sawyer

April 6, 2013 Provo MTC

Dear Familia,

Today is conference, so we get a little time to write and stuff. Spanish is hard and it’s coming along very slowly. Yesterday me and my companion taught our first investigator, Ignacio, en espanol. Haha.  We knew like no Spanish so it was way hard. We’re not really taught Spanish here, instead they just say everything in Spanish and we just have to try to pick up on it. Most of the time we have is for self-study, so you have to stay really focused or else you start to fall behind. I’ll check on the calling card, but you may have to remind me later because the first week is way packed with stuff, so I will probably not be able to get to the store anytime soon. Carson, I found out that they do have a weight room, but all it is are cardio machines and benches with dumbbells up to 75. My p-day is Friday so that’s probably when I’ll email next unless we’re allowed to today. I’ll also try to send pictures home soon too. Kyle, good job at your game keep working hard. Abby take care of my room! Ryan send me a picture of you in your chick-fil-a shirt and Carson, way to kill those jeans!  

Love you guys,
Elder Sawyer

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4, 2013- in the MTC

Dear Familia,

Well, it’s 9a here on my second day here and so far so good. It’s a ton of stuff to learn, but I’m getting the hang of it. So far today I’ve woken up, eaten breakfast and then I had 50 minutes of gym time. I have an hour of personal time right now. My companion is Elder Patterson, he’s from Mesa and went to Mountain View. There are ten missionaries in my district and they’re all pretty cool guys. 6 of us are going to Oaxaca and the other 4 are going to Philadelphia, so that’s sorta nice. We had a short class yesterday and it was 100% in Spanish. It’s gonna be hard to learn the language, but our teacher Hermana Dewey seems awesome. When we got here the first thing they did was give us like 50 books, I don’t’ know how I’m going to get everything to Mexico! Haha The food here has been good so far, but the problem is you eat way early (6am, 11am and 4pm) so your hungry by bed time. My watch broke so if you could send me a cheap one that would be great. Yesterday I got to see Connor and Mckay and they’re doing great. It sort of like being at EFY and football camp mixed together. Everyone here says the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days and I believe it. There are so many missionaries here it’s crazy and there is probably more sisters that elder’s. My room has six people in a room meant for 4, so it’s kinda tight haha, but it’s fun. The hardest thing is remembering to take my jacket with me cuz I always take it off and forget it on my chair. There is so much junk food sent here it’s not every funny.  Don’t worry about sending anything to eat cuz everyone here is so sick of brownies and cookies and stuff that they just put it all in a community box for everyone in the zone and then most of it gets thrown away. The best thing to send would be like low cal protein bars just for something healthy to eat after working out or whatever. K, I gotta go class starts in a minute, the only things I’ve learned to say is “Que significa” and “como se dici” so I’ll have to get back to your with more Spanish! It’s gonna be a tough six weeks but I’m excited! The MTC mission president’s wife talked to us yesterday and said all we have to do is keep our heads up and smile and we’ll be in Mexico in no time. The church is true!

Love, Elder Sawyer

PS OK, it’s the end of April 4 and I was just made District Leader, so pretty cool, but it’s like a ten million more things to do. It’s crazy, but tomorrow morning I’m teaching an investigator in Spanish and have no idea what I’m doing! My p-day is Friday and I can only write then and I don’t’ have one tomorrow so I’ll talk to you next week!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the MTC

getting dropped off at the MTC by your returned missionary cousins is the best!!

Provo Temple

Cousins Tyler & Sarah who are at BYU picked Andrew up, I mean Elder Sawyer, and went to lunch and then to the Provo Temple for some quick pictures.


quick lunch in Provo with cousins Tyler & Sarah and Aunt Amy

at the airport

he spent a long time chatting with the security guard

see you in 2!