Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013- Juchitan de Zaragoza

haha sounds like it was a fun week for you guys! Lots of cousins and friends and stuff. Not a whole lot of stories this week, just a lot of eating with members and then having to be in the house early every night. Sorry no pictures again, we can’t have cameras on us until the new year .The big news this week was our new mission president was announced, his names Lynn Richard Madsen. So ya that was kind of cool to find that out and he'll be the new mission president starting July 1st here in Oaxaca. So that will be interesting to see how the mission changes. It was good to talk to you guys Wednesday. haha nothing’s changed. Sorry I’m having trouble thinking of things to write, I think I told you most of it on Wednesday. I’ll send pics next week and write more.
Love ya guys, have a good new years!
Elder Sawyer

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013- Juchitan de Zaragoza

Hey guys I’ll keep this a little shorter I think cause I’ll talk to you Wednesday. But ya this last week was really cool. First off we had the Christmas tri-zone conference and ate food and President Leyva gave a cool devotional and stuff. I’m sure Hma Leyva put a million pics on Facebook, but ya it’s always fun to get to see other missionaries. Also this week we had a dual stake Christmas devotional. A couple of funny things happened there. First I got asked give a talk for about ten minutes and talk about missionary work and Christmas and all that good stuff. 5 minutes before the Stake President grabs me and asks me if I could take up a little more time with my talk cause another speaker couldn’t make it or something. so of course I say sure and I ask him about how much time I have to talk and he tells me 20-25 minutes.... so ya it was a little interesting but my comp timed me at 21 minutes (and he sat there in his seat laughing at my whole talk) and the important part is I think everyone understood me haha. They also flipped my name and the pianist name on the paper and announced that I was playing the piano for the choir, so ya that almost put me on the ground. But they figured it out on the end :) Also we had our ward activity this week. The missionaries were in charge of the talk and games. I lost rock paper scissors with my comp and got to give the message. I talked about our Mexican food Christmas tradition and everyone laughed forever. I guess they think it’s funny that tamales are so special to us. Also this week I went and worked with 4 different missionaries in four different areas and slept in four different beds. So ya I haven’t done a whole ton of work in my area this week but we have 3 baptisms scheduled for next week, Rosio, Nancy and Marcos. They just gotta get to church haha. So no pictures this week, I can’t have anything of value on me right now, we live in the Septima of Juchitan so we have some special rules. so ya that’s a little of what happened this week   So it’s pretty much every man for himself to Skype or call home. The good thing is I’m in an area where people have computers. A family’s gonna lend me there laptop and computer and I’m gonna go to a family’s house that has Wi-Fi. I think tonight we are gonna go test it out and create an account. I will probably call you guys( probably between 10 an twelve my time(if it’s different)). So be ready. I’ll email you if I got problems Wednesday, so check your email and you can also email other directions or whatever.

Have a good Christmas you guys and talk to you Wednesday!

Elder Sawyer

practicing the Skype for Wednesday- only 30 seconds, but fun to see him!

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013- Juchitan de Zaragoza

Well it was a good first week here in Juchitan. It’s really really different being here in the city and in civilization(it’s funny what I consider civilization now). Everything is just a million times different. I felt weird not having to bless and pass the sacrament and also give a talk and teach a class yesterday. In barrio Zaragoza we have an average assistance of about 70 people, so it’s a pretty good sized ward. I’ve met a lot of the members this week and there awesome. How we do missionary work here is way different so I’m still trying to get adjusted to that. One thing that is different is for the majority of the people here, Spanish is there second language. Everyone speaks this weird dialect called Zapeteco. I got here and it kinda scared me a little cause I thought they were speaking Spanish and  I didn’t understand a word, but I think my comp saw my face and said don’t worry its Zapateco. Haha, but we actually have an investigator who only speaks Zapateco so when we teach him we always gotta bring someone to translate. We don’t have  a ton of investigators right now but were working hard on finding more people. Elder Lastiri only has three more weeks here than me so we are both relatively new and trying to get to know the area and members.

This week Elder Valenzuela of the Seventy came and spoke to us in a tri-zone conference. it was pretty much 2 hours of him and President Leyva making us feel like the worst people in the world and then 30 minutes of making us feel like were gonna go out and baptize everyone in a week. These conferences are always really cool and are always a good energy booster. I almost got to have an interview with him cause I’m a new district leader but we ran out of time... being district leader is not so bad, just a lot more talking on the phone and doing reports and stuff like that. This week I’m gonna be on divisions 4 times so I’m hardly gonna get to work in my area. There’s also a big stake activity this week for Christmas that I get to conduct so that should be interesting. But ya everything’s going good here, life’s a lot easier when the cold water comes out of a spigot and you don’t have to dump it on your head.
I can Skype on Christmas but I need to find a place that’s open. It will probably be around 10 am. If not it will be the 24th around the same time. I’m gonna look for a place next week and I’ll let you know exactly next Monday.
No more seafood. its a lot of tlayudas, tacos, empenandas, chicken rice beans, that kind of stuff.
We live on the corner of the streets  .......  and ................ There is no house number. our house is orange next to a green house- look for the Septima, that’s my area-  I’m the second house north on the west side of the road, I think...  I'm healthy and everything's good here. We actually live near the  the Centro de Salud so I'll be all good. We live in the Septimo. it’s kinda cool to say that cause it’s like the Bronx of Oaxaca and everyone knows it.

Have a good week love you guys
Elder Sawyer

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013- Juchitan de Zaragoza

Well yep we had cambios today. right now I’m sitting in Juchitan with my new companion Elder Lastiri from the D.F. I’m super excited to be here and way excited that Lastiris is my comp. you know how every missionary has a story of how they had a companion where everything just clicked? I think me and Elder Lastiri are gonna do some awesome things here. Also I’m now district leader too. This part is gonna be a little interesting. Still not sure how I’m gonna take care of eight elders, especially when I can barely take care of myself haha. The best news of the day though is we have not only one, but TWO bathrooms and it gets even better... they’re BOTH inside our house! haha so I’m excited for that. My area is called Zaragoza, and I guess it’s a pretty small and relatively new ward. I literally just got here so I don’t have a ton of information but ya, I’ve liked my first couple hours here. ya it stinks I gotta leave Morro, I really liked it there. But I’m glad for the experiences I had there and for the people I was able to meet. But ya, it’s good to have a fresh start in a new place. We’ll see what happens.

Elder Sawyer

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Well this week it was good to get back to working fully. German was baptized this Saturday in a laguna by the beach. It was pretty cool (I’ll send pics another day, I’m in Morro today). I’m glad we got permission for is friend Olsvaldo to be able to baptize him. Now he’s just got a year to wait before he can go on the misión. Yesterday, in church for the first time, we filled every seat except one so that was pretty cool. I gave a talk on repentance (even though it was fast Sunday? I don’t know what happened there) and got asked to give one next week also haha. Also Jesus was able to receive the Aaronic priesthood yesterday. He’s really excited about all the church stuff and is excited to be able to go to the temple next month. I also got my Christmas/ thanksgiving package last week. Thank you everyone for the cards and gifts and everything. Especially the CavanIslas for the umbrella (it hasn’t rained since I broke my other one, and the day I opened that one it rained haha). And the Riffeys for the jerky haha that was definitely nice to have on thanksgiving! Speaking of thanksgiving, we spent ours trying to get 2 rats out of our house. They are seriously the size of small cats. So ya that took up a lot of our day and then we went to Mario’s house for brownies to celebrate thanksgiving. Yesterday, we also ate some more raw baby turtles for lunch...blech. So ya it looks like this is probably going to be my last week in Morro, I’m definitely gonna miss it haha.
have a good week, love ya guys!

Elder Sawyer

Elder Molina, Olsvaldo, German, Elder Sawyer


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Well I don’t got to write this week. I really didn’t do much, I’ve been sick- I had typhoid again this week and right now I’m "intoxicated" (I’m not really sure what that means) but I’m fine, just really bored. umm and Mario just got his package, he says thanks, he’s acting like a 4 year
old. haha
I’m at Mario’s house- the only place in Morro with internet.  I really didn’t do much this week, I don’t know what to tell you.
ya that’s ridiculous about the game change, and I’ve been thinking about Friday all weekend- tell them good luck
yes, I’m taking medicines and yes Hermana Leyva knows I have typhoid and I have 4 doctors saying 4 different things, that’s what I’m trying to figure out today, it looks like I might get changed out of Morro to the city this week.
I went to church. We didn’t have a lot investigators there but German did go so he’s gonna be getting baptized this week. We might do it in a river.
Typhoids everywhere! It’s not just gringos who get typhoid- no everyone gets it, just especially me. It’s actually my third time having it.
The doctors say that I have typhoid, but got intoxicated by fish and that’s why my
skin is different colors and I know being intoxicated is like being drunk -that’s what I thought when the nurse told me. I told her I don’t drink.
thanks for the pics, I need to go. Tell Carson good luck and send an email about the game to Morro afterwards. Don’t worry about my health I’m fine, just bored. I’ll have more to write next week love ya guys 
Elder Sawyer

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013- Morro de Mazatan & Salina Cruz

Elder Molina, Jesus' father, Jesus & Elder Sawyer

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the Morro Mazatan Rama- at the Salina Cruz chapel




Zak Zak

November 19, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Well this week Jesus got baptized! Saturday afternoon we all crammed into a truck and headed off to Salina Cruz for the baptism. It was pretty cool that his dad was able to baptize him because he was baptized the same day one year earlier. So it was cool that we were able to help his dad prepare also to get the priesthood. The only person that’s left to be baptized in their family is their mom. She’s a big time Jehovah Witness, so it’ll be a little work. So that’s the good news for the week. The bad news is almost none of our investigators went to church Sunday (including German) so well have to move his baptism back a week. Everyone’s progressing really well it’s just a lot slower with this whole five week rule. Other than that I’m not sure what else to say for today. I’m in Salina so I’ll send pics. Have a good week love you guys!!!
Elder Sawyer

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

We’re gonna have a baptisms this Week! Chuy (Jesus) made it to the

chapel this week so we are all good to go for this Saturday. From here

on out we are gonna start having a lot more. We had six more

Investigators in the church this week, and Morro is starting to look

like a gold mine. it’s a Little sad that I’ll most likely be here for

the beginning of the wave here but it’s all good. Not a ton of new news

this week, everyone’s progressing real well and without this 5 week

rule we’d probably have about 7 baptisms this week, but it’s all good,

they’ll be that much stronger after their baptism. Outside of the misión

work this week I ate more grasshoppers, got stung by a scorpion(I have

no idea how I’ve been here 4 months and only been stung once) gained

about 5 more pounds due to mole and tlayudas, lived for three days

without electricity and beat Mario in a dead arm competition. Sorry

there’s not a lot of news this week, it’s been a good week though.

Tomorrow we have a zone conference and I got asked to talk about how

we get people to go to church . ya that’s about all for the week, hope

everyone’s doing good. Thanks for all your dearelders and emails and

stuff. It’s always good to get mail:)
 love ya guys  Elder Sawyer

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

This week went really well, easily the best week I’ve had so far, and maybe the best I will ever have! right now we have 7 baptismal dates set(the most in the mission), and we had 6 of those people come to church which is even more of a miracle. we're working way hard here and we are definitely seeing the results. So ya in the next couple of weeks the baptisms are gonna get started again here in Morro. I’m trying to get special permission to baptize in the ocean here because the branch isn’t gonna have enough money to travel to Salina Cruz every weekend so I hope that Works out. the names of the dates are chuy,gema,jesus,gabriel,eder,abraham and German. chuy(jesus) will be the first on the 16 of November. The other good news is we have a bunch of references to contact because of the Halloween activity we

did. we cooked donuts and ate Candy and I taught them how to carve was way fun I’ll send pictures the next time I get a chance. everything’s going great with my comp, he’s not afraid to talk and is really outgoing. he’s only been a member for a couple years and is the only member in his family so he’s still learning a lot(yesterday I had to teach him the Trinity are three separate people haha) but his testimony is awesome and that’s all that really matters. It looks like

I’m only gonna have 5 more weeks left here in Morro so I’m gonna try and make the most of them. It feels good when things work out like they should :) have a good week!

Elder Sawyer

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Wow this was a crazy week! Haha I definitely gained a testimony of

fasting this week. It really looked like I was gonna be leaving this

week cause president Leyva called Mario and asked him if he thought I

was ready to be district leader. So it looked like I was gonna leave.

Yesterday us the Youth and Mario fasted so I could get one more change

here in Morro. And guess what? I’m gonna be here six more weeks in

Morro! The Lord answers prayers! (it also helps when president owes

Mario a favor… haha). But the crazy thing is my hijo elder Cruz is

leaving, so I’ll be getting my third comp in 3 changes here later

today. haha the funny thing is I’d never thought I’d see the day when I

actually wanted to stay in Morro (I’m not gonna lie it’s been a rough 3

months). But I don’t know, I love it here and wouldn’t mind staying

here for the rest of my mission haha. It also helps that this week we

just blew the doors off of the missionary work this week. I can’t write

everything but one cool experience that happened this week was with our

investigator German. He’s 18 years old, his brother is a recent

convert, and here is the best part, he LIKES to read(it’s hard enough

just trying to find someone who KNOWS how to read here.) but ya he’s really

smart and has read ton of religious stuff and knows everything about

every church except ours for some reason. So ya we’ve been teaching

him and stuff and he’s been progressing a ton and is coming to church

and also takes us to visit his friend and girlfriend. So ya he’s pretty

much a stud. But this week we set a baptism date with him and that got

him really excited. The next day at like 11 at night I’m getting ready

to go to bed and he shows up at our house. I just tell him like hey,

you know you can’t be at our house, it’s against the rules(the youth

always try to come hang out over here). He just says Elder sawyer

shut up haha I need you to baptize me sooner so I can start to fill

out my papers to go on the mission. Haha I was just like what?!? It

turns out he went to a super Saturday activity and heard a return

missionary bear his testimony, and not only wanted to get baptized

sooner but also serve a mission! So ya that was pretty cool Also this

week we set a date with Gema who has been an investigator for about a

year. But ya she’s super smart and studying for her equivalent of the

masters degree here and is only 23. But she’s always felt like she’s

lacked enough faith to get baptized(I swear she knows the scriptures

better than me). But this week we had a lesson about faith. Mario gave

me like a little mustard seed pendant thing for here and we had an

awesome lesson. At the end we challenged her to “Plant her faith” and

to put a baptismal date and that we would work between now and then to

help grow and prepare her faith for the baptism. So ya that was

awesome too. Jesus is awesome everything’s going perfect, he’s ready for baptize he’s

just gotta come 2 more times to church.

And to top it all off we had a bunch of investigators in

church yesterday!(including Jesus) so ya this change, Morros done

about 180 degree change and I’m so excited I’ll get to see a little bit

of the fruits that are gonna come from what we did this last change.

Ya sometimes it gets rough here( these last two weeks the water has

been shut off in Morro for a strike or something so we’ve been getting

rationed water of about one gallon of drinking water a day and one

gallon water to bathe and wash dishes) but I really do love it here.

This week I’m gonn teach the youth for mutual about Halloween. We are

gonna carve pumpkins and make donuts and bob for apples(or a fruit

that’s cheaper haha) I got a lot of big plans for these next six weeks

here in Morro! Hope you all have a great week! Love ya guys!

Today my new comp just got here, his name is elder Molina and he’s from

Hidalgo. Haha he’s way excited to be in the mission so ya it’s good to

have that little extra green energy. And he talks a ton so that’s good

and I’m way excited to work with him here.

And if you send me anything send ties! tis! send ties DONT SEND FOOD Please!! I get so much here its ridiculous(and better) and it doesn’t travel well just trust me please.

It’s like going to Serrano’s 6 times a day without a choice to eat 3rds.

ya gotta go love u

Elder Sawyer

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

hey im just gona writeto you guys tody, his morning i wrotea Little o marios computer but there was o inernat o ll send it tommorow. i gonna be in morro again nd im gonna be training a new comp agan. this computer is terrible. tommorow youll know more. I have more tim, the dl still hs mor emils to send I sen pics

making empanadas

"aldo is a joven here and is
one of my best friends. I love this kid.haha"

"my gym (the members made me the bar and found the dumbell and rocks and stuff haha)"

"mario fixing my ingrown nail"

"dont worry its all better"

"me and Zac. my old comp Caudillo was here and he baptized him"

"thanks for the packages and letters"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pictures from Morro de Mazatan- October 21, 2013

Elder Sawyer, Elder Cruz and Mario- after baking cookies with the youth


"after the iguana"

"Elder Cruz is kind of a picky eater! haha"

October 21, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

We had an awesome week this week. The highlight was Sunday when we had
4 investigators come to church. This is way exciting because it doesn’t happen a ton here in Morro, let alone Oaxaca. I checked some of the records and Morro hasn’t had more than two in the chapel for more than 9 months, so that was a nice Little accomplishment.  One of those investigators was Jesus (no I didn’t get to watch the goats) but he woke up extra early to take them to the pasture and get to church on time. He’s really progressing rapidly and probably would be ready for a baptism this week if the 5 Sunday rule thing wouldn’t have changed.
Another thing this week is we found a kid who has his papers in with the stake to go on the misión, but some stuff happened with the branch president and just ya, it didn’t happen. So ya I chewed Mario out good for not telling me about him sooner haha. You guys are telling me a lot about what’s going on (or not going on) with the U.S. government, but be thankful for the government we do have. This week was elections, and here in Mexico you can pay people to vote for you. So the guy that won promised to give 150 pesos to everyone that voted for him. So of course every drunk in the pueblo of Morro voted for him and last night they got paid. So ya everyone was walking around last night with 150 pesos worth of beer in them, so that was definitely interesting.(and drunks really like gringos and folletos)"dame una folleto Gringo!" haha they’re funny.  The learn English anguage program is a really big program (and commandment) that our   missionaries who don’t speak English, learn to speak it. It’s a worldwide thing not just here. The weather here doesn’t change it’s about always at 100 degrees now( the istmo doesn’t have seasons) But yep things are slowly getting a Little better here in Morro, there are cambios next week, but I really hope I get another  hange here!

Love ya Guys !!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Well it was another good week here in the middle of nowhere haha. We were able to put a baptism date with Jesus (I don’t remember if I told you guys about him) but he’s probably one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. We usually spend like 30 minutes before the lesson just messing around haha but he’s awesome. The next step is just gonna be getting him to church (like always). He has borregos and takes him to the pasture Sunday mornings, I offered to babysit the borregos Sunday while he goes to sacrament meeting and I think he took me seriously so we’ll see haha. This week we are also gonna have a monster mutual here. Mario knows the bosses of EFY and they’re coming here to do a mutual. Mario’s been talking up the youth in our rama and has told them how they don’t get a whole lot of support cause were kind in the middle of nowhere, but if they see that our youth program is awesome they’re gonna build them a soccer court and give them money to do mutuals and go to all the supersabados and all that stuff so its kinda of a big deal. so ya, well see how that goes. I want to take advantage of being in Salina to send picks so I’m not gonna write a ton but everyone should read "of regrets and resolutions" by Dieter F Uchtdorf from conference, November 2012. I read it this week and it’s awesome. It always helps after a rough day in the mission. Have a good week! Love you guys! Thanks for all the letters and packages!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 12, 2013- Salina Cruz Zone Conference

his package arrived at the mission home and was delivered during Zone Conference
These photos are from the Oaxaca Mission Facebook page. The mission president's wife takes such good care of the Elders and Sisters!
This is a Zone Conference in Salina Cruz, about 30 miles from Morro Mazatlan

he said they're drinking a "Mexican version of pineapple Kool-Aid"

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 7, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

"this crawled out of my shoe the other day.
not sure what it is,don't really want to know what it was."

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013- Morro de Mazatan

Things went really good this week. First of all, general conference. It was awesome. All the gringos in the stake crowded into the Bishops office in Salina Cruz to watch the transmission in English. haha it was great to be able to watch it in English, and we spent a TON of money to go to Wal-Mart and by real American food and have a feast. Between the sessions Mario took us out with the youth in our rama to go eat tlyadus and chicken. It was way fun to get to spend two days there just hanging out with all the stake and all the missionaries. The cool part was we had a ton of our rama make it to conference and one investigator, Jesus. I think our rama had more people there than the other 5 wards in our stake, so that was pretty cool and quite the accomplishment. I’m glad Jesus got to hear that talk on “Why we should be Mormon” (I forgot who it was by, I’m bad with names) and also President Monsons talk was great. I really liked the talk by the BYU football player(football players make the best speakers). The best part though was when they announced the 80,333 missionaries. That’s just insane. But ya conference was awesome. Also this week we made about 4 kilos of cookies. All the jóvenes say thanks. We ate a ton and were all really sick the next day but it was way fun (sorry I can’t send pics, I’m in Morro). Another highlight of the week is I ate iguana. Not just like meat from an iguana, like literally it just looked like a stuffed iguana. It was really good though. It was good practice for my comp too, cause he’s kind of a picky eater, but ya I’ll send pics next time.
Also our Young women’s president killed a borego(I can’t remember the word in English) for me to eat this week and that was actually really good. The Works starting to pick up a little here and the ramas starting to have a lot more unity. It’s slow and sometimes frustrating, but it always works out in the end. Have a good week,

Love you Guys!

 P.S. ALL the mail came this week. Thank you Kings for your package and  letters! I was sitting with all our Young men when I opened it. You should have seen their faces when I pulled out the glow sticks. haha I didn’t know there was so many things you could do with them. and raena, yes, I did get your Dear Elder, thanks.
Uncle bill-Enos1:16,Moroni  7(especially v.1).
Carson-  ya sounds like you guys played alright and just fell a little
short with injuries. If you had a chance to win with all those key
players out then I wouldn’t be too worried. Stay healthy(make sure
everyone’s doing their TGUs and single led RDLs haha). Just keep
working hard and making your guys better
Ryan-geez 15, that’s crazy! sounds like you had a fun birthday haha.
What did you get! how’s school going?
Kyle- dude, what happened this week? haha get better and sustain your blocks
Abby- yes there are snakes here but I don’t think they are too
dangerous, the problema we have is scorpions, they’re everywhere  and all types.(the small white ones and the big black ones)
Dad- One thing I noticed at conference was how many non-English
speakers spoke. And I also didn’t know that the speakers that speak
other languages record their talks in their other languages before
hand so the people can here there voice instead of a translator. Cause I was thinking how much the meaning changes sometimes because of the voice(for example Elder Holland) but ya I think that was cool how there were a lot of speakers that spoke in Spanish and how the people here were able to hear the leaders in their own language.
Mom- sounds like things are going fun with the triplets ahaha. i got
the business cards finally this week it had a stamp that said
missent to massou wherever that is. The cookies went great(we baked them in a huge like furnace oven thing) and everyone says thanks! The only thing I could use is an umbrella. A small one that’s sturdy. My other one got pretty mangled in the hurricanes.